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CaptHayfever is a Wikiquote user who sometimes refers to himself in the third person, such as when writing an article/user page about himself. He is very bad at writing autobiographies, so yeah.

A Few of My Own[edit]

Wikipedia has an article about:
  • "A world without chaos is chaos."
  • "All paths invariably result in one conclusion."
  • "We have a winner, everyone!"
  • "That was dumb & stupid."
  • "I hereby decree..."
  • "The cheese is yesterday."
  • "This is Hayfever. Apparently I'm not here. Leave a message at the--(machine beeps)"
  • "De pooka teeta la conta le malaya ema su sa porlto." ("May you forever be pestered by invincible, malaria-infested mosquitos.")
  • "I don't believe in the death penalty. It's not torturous enough; once you're dead, the pain stops."
  • "Remember, it's not slander or libel if it's true."
  • "Peace, chill, & etc."
  • "I need a sig here! Working on it!"
  • "This has been total nonsense."

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