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Let's see... I live in West Virginia, yeah, that's a good place to start. I was born Nov. 25, 1990, so you can figure out my age. I work on a lot of projects as I find the time, but I've always been adding things to different Wiki's as I find them. Hence, quotes will end up here.

Quotes from me[edit]

  • "Dr. Dead-as-stone, I presume."
  • "Just call me Giggles"
  • "Mitch Heidberg was a god."

Quotes from my Xanga[edit]

  • "In the name of giving your love no matter what"
  • "Freedom is a way of looking at things. You always have freedom, no matter what the situation is."
  • "I don’t get the world’s damage. Everyone is always struggling to get on top, instead of helping one another. Why must we fight? Why must we argue? Why do we strive to hurt the ones we claim we love?"
  • "I don't really put much faith in the "goodness of humanity" idea...I don't usually open up to anyone. I'm scared of people. They scare me."
  • "Somedays I feel like I shouldn't have a pulse."

Pages I've edited on Wikiquote[edit]

Richard Bach