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DanielTom is taking a short wikibreak and will be back soon.


   «O Almighty Father! thou who didst command all children to honour their parents, and didst promise to bless those who obeyed this commandment, give me a heart to keep this law. I know that I ought to do all that my father and mother and masters bid me to do, as long as they do not order me to do anything wicked; and yet my heart, O Lord God, is so utterly averse to all that is good, that I often feel great unwillingness to obey their most plain and simple commands: sometimes I rise up in open rebellion against my parents; and sometimes I try to disobey them slily, when I think that they do not see me; forgetting that thine eye, O Lord God, is always upon me; and though thou, O Lord God, mayest not punish me immediately, yet thou markest all my sins in a book: and I know that the dreadful day will come, when the dead shall be raised, and the books shall be opened; and all I have done, unless I repent and turn unto the Lord, will be read aloud before men and angels, and I shall be cast into hell fire for my sins.»

   —History of the Fairchild Family, "A Prayer against the Sin of Disobedience to Parents."

Welcome to my user page!

Hi, I am Daniel, an Internet troll, and occasional orc.

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Me (left) playing at the 33rd WAGC in China.

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

~ Bertrand Russell ~

Be the best you can be. Learn as much as you can. Help the others to do the same.

~ maladroit ~

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