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About me[edit]

I am the #1 ranked Go player in Portugal.

I was the Portuguese Go Champion in 2011, 2012 and 2013 [my last national tournament], and represented Portugal in the 33rd World Amateur Go Championship in China at the age of 18. I finished 34th, which is still the best result for Portugal in the long history of that tournament:

1998 - 44th place
1999 - 48th
2000 - 44th
2001 - 55th
2002 - 56th
2003 - 53rd
2004 - 57th
2005 - 63rd
2006 - 54th
2007 - 59th
2008 - 59th
2009 - 49th
2010 - 51st
2011 - 48th
2012 - 34th (me)
2013 - 45th
2014 - 42nd
2015 - 51st
2016 - 51st

I prepared a few "traps" before the tournament, which if refuted would still give me an acceptable result, but if incorrectly answered would give me a great advantage. I tried one of these tricks in a couple of games. After the first attempt, one of the referees (a Chinese Go professional) kindly explained to me that my move was not ideal, and suggested a better one. I already knew that my move was suboptimal, so I agreed with him, and thanked him (xièxie) for his time and detailed analysis. I didn't tell him the reason I still wanted to use it (in part because of the language barrier). In the next round, I played the exact same move, right at the time the referee was walking by my table... He stopped to look at my game—and I could only blush in embarrassment! I also regret my 7th round game against a 5 dan from Macau. I played relatively well, and was winning by a comfortable margin until the very end, but unfortunately lost due to an oversight after filling dame, attributable to my inexperience.

I'm currently taking a break from competitive Go to dedicate myself to Wikiquote and other projects.