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Swami Nigamananda (18 August 1880 - 29 November 1935) was a Sadguru of India and one of the most famous and influential spiritual leaders of Hinduism. He belongs to Shankarachary sect and aVedanta Guru. The series of Bengali books written by Him are Vedanta Viveka, Brahamacharay Sadhana, Yogiguru Gyani Guru, Tantrika Guru and Premika Guru.

Complete Work[edit]

Work is in progress

Nigamananda Quote (nigama upadesh)[edit]

  • My dear child ! Life in the household is beset with many a trials and tribulations. In-spite of all these turmoils it has one advantage to provide - it can bring opportunities for realization of God and self. The Almighty Mother wont take her child back to her lap until and unless she finds him passing all the trials set by her. The world of illusions cannot be crossed without her blessings. One should bodily allow himself to get purified through the sufferings. The Mother when so desires and is fully satisfied will show the child the path of truth one day. One has to remain contended in all the circumstances of life
  • My Dear Children !You were to come to me, so I had done rigorous sadhana on your account. I have churned the sea of spiritual sadhana and brought the essence out of it for you all. You are children of light.
  • My Dear Children ! As soon as you come under the guidance of your Gurudev whatever practices you followed, yu got success in each of them. It is therefore very importance that a blessing of guru is very essential for success in spiritual sadhana
  • My Dear Children ! To materialize my wishes you have to get united. Also you have to respect my wishes and instructions same as your Guru.
  • istha(ther personal god) and guru(the supreme preceptor) are one and the same and to conceive this idea it requires a great deal of retrospection. In place of Istha one can place his own Guru for concentration.