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Stub templates are neat little things, but I feel like they have gone neglected. There are too few stub templates and although they are very necessary on Wikiquote, they've gone without maintenance. Which is where I'm trying to improve it! Feel free to sift through them, and maybe add a few more if you see fit.

This little symbol displays ones I've created. (Yeah, yeah, call me self-centered all you like...)

89/150 stub templates on Wikiquote! (150 is my goal)


Here is the code you need to make a stub template.

| image     = Example.png
| subject   = 
| qualifier = 
| category  = Example stubs
<noinclude>[[Category:Stub Templates]]</noinclude>

Please note that the "subject" field in text displays it as:

This (example) article is a stub. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it.

While the "qualifier" field is used like:

This article (example) is a stub. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it.

Good stub templates use the subject field usually as "Example" or "Example-related", and the qualifier field as "about an Example". Both should make sense in terms of grammar. The qualifier and subject fields should be used for either one or the other, and rarely both. If you still have concerns, you can see examples of these from some of the templates listed.

For categories, see the list of subcategories for the Wikiquote stubs category.

Template list[edit]

The category for this is at Category:Stub Templates.




Miscellaneous [edit]


Needed templates[edit]



Note: For the categories about just the country (e.g. China-stub) make sure it goes into the default "Wikiquote Stubs" category.