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Interwiki Completing Specification[edit]

Diynbot is a global automatic interwiki robot which operates at all Wikiquotes. Currently it has about 83 accounts. It works automatically from server in one month period. IP address of this server is It parses five biggest Wikiquotes, but edit all projects.

Logs are available online.


in pending sl: fr: sv: hu:
without response tr: he: id: no: nl:
meta request needed el:
in operation
(with flag)
cs: sk: uk: it: pl: ru: pt: es: de: en: bs: bg: zh: ja: fa:
in operation
(without flag)
ca: et: vi: da: th: ast: hi: ta: az: mr: co: vo: tt: cy: ml: ur: te: cr: qu: bm: uz: kr: zh-min-nan: af: za: tokipona: ug: tk: ky: be: ks: na: kk: wo: kw: gu: nds: ga: