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This user has alternative accounts named
Djm-mobile, Bigdelboy, DeirgeDel, DeirgeBot.
de-1 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf grundlegendem Niveau.
en-GB-N This user has a native understanding of British English.
es-1 Esta persona tiene un conocimiento básico del español.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français.
ga-1 buneolas ag an úsáideoir seo maidir le Gaeilge.
la-1 Hic usor/Haec ustrix simplici lingua Latina conferre potest.
cs-1 Tento uživatel má základní znalosti češtiny.

My intention is that I abandon use of this account, and have requested a rename prior to its retirement to avoid confusion. To be clear this is not an attempt to vanish the Djm-leighpark account (or anything it is renamed to) and DeirgeDel but to ensure that linkage is openly given, albeit it is inevitably not always going to be immediately obvious to some in some situations, and there's little way round that.

This action is being taken as DeirgeDel and this account are beginning to touch the same pages on commons and wikidata and while there is no intention to abuse multiple accounts a situation might arise where there is a problem. While Djm-leighpark had by far the greate number of pages and edits consistent use of DeirgeDel is likely to be helpful going forward on this like Phabriactor and to ensure I can present consistently on Wikidata if I get involved in some Historical Monument feeds for Ireland related stuff (not sure if this is a dream or 5%-25% possibility). Some may see this as a block evasion or UTRS evasion with regards to the current indef block on English Wikipedia or an attempt to wipe the slate clean .. I would more ask people to treat it as a virtual account merge. (While a merge might be possible I could see it ending up in some form of heap).

The request to globally rename the Djm-leighpark account has been refused on Meta due to the indef local block on the English Wikipedia. I am disappointed by that result and there is a reason why I should be entitled to request that change. However I am continuing with the abandonment process. I have though of options for requesting a no fault global ban for Djm-leighpark or putting wikibreak enforcers in place but that simply causes different problems ... This is not a abandon clean break which is impossible as DeirgeDel is obviously an account operated by the same operator as Djm-leighpark or successor name.

I have alternative accounts of Djm-mobile, Bigdelboy, DeirgeDel (Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga) & DeirgeBot. The former is primarily for editing in insecure locations where I do not wish to use my main login: particularly libraries. The second is more for specialist bulk work and has additional privileges I don't wish to have activated on my normal account. Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga is intended for use on the Irish Wikipedia so I can use it without being bugged from alerts from the English Wikipedia or Commons. DeirgeBot running BOTs albeit I have got away with not needing a bot at least to January 2023 by use of Quickstatements, AWB, and Quarry.

A centralised explanation of my alternative accounts is here.

Conflict of interest

I declare that I may have a conflict of interest in the following topic areas:

  • RPSI: I declare a possible conflict of interest with edits related to the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland. Some have told me I have no real COI issue.
  • The LUAS train system .... specifically in respect of the #FreeLUAS campaign.
  • The Irish Journalist who initiated the #FreeLUAS campaign.

Feel free to contact me about these conflict of issues. In practice these only likely affect the English Wikipedia.

DeirgeDel - Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga

On or about 15 February 2023 I got Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga changed to DeirgeDel as it appeared possible the "Ó" was causing issues creating an associated phabricator account (the cause was ulitmately related to sending a verification email to unverified accounts - a sort of chicken and egg black hole) However the next benefit was DeirgeDel was consitent accross Global Wiki name, github and phabriactor and links nicely to the Flcikr account). And was a good reason for DeirgeDel to trump Djm-leighpark in the event of a potential conflict.