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This is the Wikiquote page for User:DrOxacropheles, the asshole incarnation from planet Klastron. In appreciation of the Horribly Horror Wars which have struck the cosmos with the Horribly Horror Whores, we are keeping you in the dark.

Think you've seen it all? Then you haven't seen Slender Man's ass shit! (Taglines)

  • God: Have you ever consorted with the Devil or slept with a graveyard?
  • The Devil: Bitch, what You talking about? I AM THE DEVIL!

(awkward pause)

  • Michael: Gee, as if the acting in this wasn't bad enough, You are about as wise as directing movies as Tommy Wiseau. So want to see any poppycock anus bubbles?
  • God: What in Hell are you on about?
  • Michael: (looks at camera) It's ironic because He made Hell! (goofy music plays as Michael shrugs at the camera)

  • Sardis: Have you got your cookies yet?
  • The Devil: In a few minutes, bitch.

  • Famine: But if we find you here again, in your, black Cadillac, we will not be so lenient.
  • Pestilence: Think of this as a little reprise.

(The Horsemen trope off)

  • Lilith: It's OK, Beelzebub, you can come out now, the Horsemen have fucked off.
  • Beelzebub: YOU'RE A BITCH OK.
  • Lilith: Who you calling a bitch?
  • Beelzebub: YOU.

  • Saint James: And beware the one who reads from the Book of Babylon, for he has used toilet paper with dogshit on it that shall never go astray.