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Hello everyone here, this is a little about me, if you care. Glad to be part of the most biggest encyclopaedia in history.

Brief info[edit]

Favourite article in Wikiquote: Mystery Science Theater 3000. I crack up every time I read the jokes.

First article created: American McGee's Alice.

Favourite Quote: How stupid that this planet be called Earth, when it should clearly be called Ocean - Arthur C Clarke

Funniest Quote: I think so Brain, but. . .me and Pippi Longstocking. . .I mean, what would the children look like? - Pinky, from Pinky and the Brain.

Note: Swearing and offensive language may be on this page. Please use caution! On this page, will be quotes I hear that are from non-famous people. Either quotes from me, or family or friends or anywhere else, which I hope shall be witty, insightful, and/or helpful. I checked the FAQ and village Pump, and as far as I know, this is acceptable. Post down any comments you want to say about any of this. Be constructive, appreciative, or opposing. On this page, I'll let you say whatever you want about these quotes or myself. I'm all ears.

Quotes from myself[edit]

  • "A friend indeed helps a friend in need."
    • Paraphrase of the old saying: A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • "There is no such thing as normal."
  • "Time and History are like one giant river. It flows along, following the course of nature, until the river is broken into two smaller rivers. One river is the history we live in. The other is what we could've lived in, the parallel history, which runs parallel with our river of History. Eventually, the river gets broken into smaller and smaller rivers, tributaries of Time. As the river gets smaller, it becomes easier to change, alter, block, or destroy."
  • "All of the pain and agony of the 20th century and even now, began with a single bullet. Why bother fighting anymore?"
  • An article on TIME Magazine's website told of how all the wars of the 20th and 21st century were caused by the student (called Gavrilo Princip) who shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. This action cause the First World War, which caused the second World War, and so forth. See this link. [1]
  • "Humans were never meant to be. We were an accident, freaks, all of us. It seems that we are a fatal mistake, now that we, the freaks, rule and destroy the world."
    • This is somewhat true. I read an article in New Scientist which told of the beginning of humans being a baby chimpanzee with a genetic abnormality, causing loss of fur, regression of thumbs, etc. I'm not being racist here, but this was what I thought as I wondered about why humans destroy everything.
  • "I am an outcast of Life."
  • "You're either okay or not. There's no "I guess I'm okay" in life."
    • Said this to a friend when we both felt depressed on a bad day.
  • "Someone's view of the world is either straight or bent. For me, it has been twisted into a double helix."
  • "What idiot is gonna buy some dressed-up pseudolixir based on statistics from American Marketing?!?!"
    • I am the creator of the word "Pseudolixir", which means something that claims to be a cure, or something miraculous or beneficial, but is actually false. Like anti-wrinkle cream for 10-year old girls.
  • "What happens if you met yourself in the past, present and future at the exact SAME TIME??? That would be one freaky get together!"
  • "She may act like a prat, she may talk like a prat, but don't be fooled, she really is a prat!"
    • Paraphrase of one of Groucho Marx's line (and I didn't know that when I said this). The word prat, if you don't know because i don't hear this word a lot, means someone who acts stupidly.
  • "Why's everyone going on about Jeffrey Archer lying a lot? He writes fiction. Of course he lies! If he can make up stories in books, he can do it with his mouth!"
    • Jeffrey Archer was a novelist who became an MP, a lord and got jailed for perjury (lying under oath in court).
  • "Look, you've got your God, I've got my Dragons!"
    • This was when someone told me that dragons don't exist (and I believe that dragons do exist) so I told him this. If people can believe from God because of one book (which is very good) then I can believe in Dragons (by the fact that in every civilisation in history, there has been at least one creature defined as a Dragon).
  • "Teacher: Have you got the ssEMMII-SKIMMMMEDD-MILK?"
    Me: "I've got your FUCKING MILK!!!"
    • This happened when I was four years old in a supermarket. The teacher treated me as if I was retarded, and after repeating Semi-Skimmed Milk for the third time (which I went and got without any trouble) I snapped when she asked me again for the FOURTH time. My mother was in the next aisle, and she applauded, along with several other customers. If you wonder about my upbringing, don't worry. I knew swear-words when I was two, and this was from programmes like Bottom or the Young Ones.
  • "Fuck the Towers! What about the people IN the Towers?!?!?
    • When I first heard about 9/11 (On that very day at 4:03pm) and someone said that the World Trade Center got damaged. Please don't be offended by this, or take it the wrong way. I didn't care about the building, but I DID care about the 3,000 people working there. See below.
  • "You can replace a building, but you can't replace a heart, a soul, or a human being."
    • This was shortly after 9/11 and the damage and casualties had been assessed. I felt quite struck because a student from my High School was visiting the World Trade Center at the time, and another student was on a plane to New York. Webster's High School shares its sympathies...
  • "We are all connected by threads. All of us, have some connection with everyone else because of these threads of fate. Almost as if the Tapestry of Fate had been shredded to pieces and we all took one thread from it."
    • An odd comment I made after a historic play in my area called "Common Threids" (spelt the Scottish way) which told of how people in a town are connected over the years by intertwining threads of history. Quite interesting.

Quotes from friends, family, and other people I know[edit]

  • "Don't be afraid of the dead. Be afraid of the living."
    • My Greek Grandmother said this when someone said about how graveyards and zombies were scary.

Miscellaneous quotes I hear from other places[edit]

  • "It's like cancer. It starts off small, but grows and grows within your body, infesting you, making you sick. Eventually, it can kill you, anger."
    • Interesting simile from a webcomic called Jack, of how anger is very like the emotional form of a cancer.
  • Black Mage: "Excuse me, do you by any chance work for UPS?"
    White Mage: "No, why?"
    Black Mage: "'Cause I swear I could've saw you checkin' out my package!!!"
    • A hilariously stupid chat-up line from a webcomic called 8-bit Theater.