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See my Wikipedia user page for more information about me. On the off chance you want to talk at me, it is preferable (but not necessary) to use my Wikipedia user talk page.

Quotes I said[edit]

They don't belong in Wikiquote proper (until I'm famous), but I want to collect them somewhere, so here they are. If you want stuff that's actually wiki-related, go to my Wikipedia user page.

In fact, these were deliberately made up to sound "quotable" -- but then, I imagine many quotable quotes are -- though all are accurate reflections of my beliefs and personality.

  • The problem with not knowing what you are doing is you will eventually find out.
  • Having it easy isn't always easy.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, except in Japanese, in which case a word is worth three pictures.
  • Instinct is the set of innate behaviors of a species. Extinct is what happens when those behaviors are not good enough.
  • Knowing and discovering clever programming tricks makes you a genius. Using them on a regular basis makes you a moron.
  • Most religions are motivated by a prophet. Scientology is motivated by a profit.
  • Sleep is for the week. All week, every week.
  • When you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, choose "don't". It saves effort.