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Alfons Mucha - Die Rose - 1898.jpeg  
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The world is growing gentle,
But few know what she owes
To the understanding lily
And the judgment of the rose.

~ Nathalia Crane ~
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  Alfons Mucha - 1898 - The Flowers Lily.jpg
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Viktor Barvitius Bitva u Kresčaku.jpg

Sirs, ye are my men, my companions and friends in this journey: I require you bring me so far forward, that I may strike one stroke with my sword.

~ John of Bohemia ~
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Nagasaki temple destroyed.jpg

If I had foreseen Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I would have torn up my formula in 1905.

~ Albert Einstein ~
Atomic cloud over Nagasaki from Koyagi-jima.jpeg
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  Atomic cloud over Nagasaki from B-29.jpg
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