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I was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where I currently do not reside. I grew up with the whitest of hair, soon to turn blonde. Around 2014 I stared to get into Web Development. Although I knew about other programming languages and saw HTML, CSS, and Javascript as not difficult. Around 2016, at age 14 I decided to learn other languages, but fell apart as I couldn't focus my life around programming, but I knew it was going to be apart of my future career. Then around summer of 2017 I came up with an idea, an idea that will be disclosed for now but a future business idea that will change me forever. It's 2018 currently, I am 16 years of age, and I'm dedicated to programming.

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thanks to User:Cyp for Octahedron

Oh, great almighty Windows, we shall never worship any false idols! Amen.