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In keeping with the spirit of WikiQuote, here's my favourite .plan quote, from the twisted mind of my friend Peter:

To rid the world of criminal scum. 
To achieve this, I will need * A faithful sidekick * A hated arch enemy * A near fatal weakness

Other quotes from the 'net:

  • "A one-question geek test. If you get the joke, you're a geek: Seen on a California license plate on a VW Beetle: 'FEATURE'..."
-- Joshua D. Wachs - Natural Intelligence, Inc.
  • "If ignorance is bliss, is omniscience hell?"

Slashdot comments on Bill Gates' 2003 Comdex talk (which featured him and Balmer in a Matrix spoof)

  • "Longhorn would have to be the Matrix code, constraining humanity and the problem is choice: which MS don't want people to have.

    Plus, the Matrix is due for a critical crash, hmm the parrallels are endless..."
  • "And starring the Tablet PC...
    As Switch. One of the Nebuchadnezzar crew that got killed really early on the first movie and was promptly forgotten about forever."
  • "Neo: What is the Matrix?
    Morpheus: Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is.
    Neo: Why?
    Morpheus: My tablet PC just crashed."
  • "I can't wait...

    For the part where Agent Linux burns Bills eyes out and then he finally can see all the Linux everywhere..."