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The Most Important Things in this Entire Universe[edit]

  1. King Sweaterhead: WIKIPEDIA!!!
  2. King Sweaterhead: PIZZA!!!
  3. King Sweaterhead: 42!!!
  4. King Sweaterhead: FUTURAMA!!!


King Sweaterhead: Futurama is the best Damn Show in THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD!!!

King Sweaterhead: Woah! WTF?

King Sweaterhead: Woo is the Death Word!

GOLDENHERO.1: (taking a cartoon knowledge quiz on teh internetz) "Whats the last episode of Futurama"
King Sweaterhead: The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings
GOLDENHERO.1: Hey! That's Right!
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Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

GOLDENHERO.1's Ganondorf[edit]

King Sweaterhead: (to GOLDENHERO.1) You're better than us, Deal with it!

King Sweaterhead: (to Beca530) Hey, about beating Jordan? I was right dumbass, a level 2 Game&Watch(me) and a level 1 Kirby(you) can beat a level 9 Ganondorf!

King Sweaterhead: Look at dem Jigglypuffs fly!

Action Replay[edit]

King Sweaterhead: All I want is a goddamn action replay and nobody in the entire state of california has it!?

King Sweaterhead: Thats it! Lets go to Asia to get one!

Gamestop Employee: OK, what game do you need it for?
King Sweaterhead: Super Smash Brothers Melee
Gamestop Employee: Dude, there's not that much stuff, just use DK
King Sweaterhead: I have! I'm not GOOD at the game!


King Sweaterhead: My God! They know EVERYTHING!!!

King Sweaterhead: The first time I made my Wikiquote page, a storm knocked out the power so I couldn't finish. The second time, the cable went out so I had to save what I had so far to Notepad. The third time the reason was my bitchy grandmother.


King Sweaterhead: pizza... pizza... PIZZA!!!
Mom: We just HAD Pizza!
King Sweaterhead: SO???

King Sweaterhead: Pizza Hut is GAWD!!11

King Sweaterhead: Pizza Hut is one of the only reasons I want to live on a space station. That and it is VERY cold in space.


King Sweaterhead: We are all already dead. Grandmother is the devil.

King Sweaterhead: I am going to have the Pizza Hut imported/exported or whatever and then go to Russia and have this place nuked!

King Sweaterhead: DAMMIT ALL!!!

King Sweaterhead: This place sucks. So it makes since that Life started here.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[edit]

King Sweaterhead: The greatest movies on... the universe...

King Sweaterhead: My theory here is that: It's right about the mice, but cats are smarter because they are not FROM earth. Technically mice are because the pandimensional people didn't start being mice until earth happened so mice are technically from earth.


Government, Extraterrestrial Life, and The Universe[edit]

King Sweaterhead: They don't want us to know what goes on at Area 51 so they insert the alien thing into mass-media. Anyone less intelligent than me believes the alien steriotypes. I believe much darker things happen there, or they wouldn't LET us think aliens happened there.

King Sweaterhead: The universe would be really fucked up if we were alone wouldn't it? I mean come on! IT'S HUGE!!!

King Sweaterhead: Everything in the universe is TRYING to kill us, and if they all fail THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WILL KILL US!!!

King Sweaterhead: The Big Crunch will cause a timeloop and make our Big Bang happen again. This explains Déjà vu.