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This is my wikiquote page.

Pages I created[edit]

Planning On[edit]

  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie
  • Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road


  • My approach to doing each article is to put the quotes up in the narrative they're presented in, having more quotes than IMDb but far less than a transcript.
    • The quotes I put up usually go by four guidelines. They are either: A, lines that funny or comical; B, lines that are plot-relevant; or C, lines that get referenced somewhere else (a flashback from a series or a movie); or D, not featured anywhere else.
  • The articles I've done are usually from movies or TV shows that aren't really well known aside from a small group of people. And no, that's not marketing it.
  • I try to make sure the quotes I put up have as much of the same context on the page as it does coming from someone's mouth.
  • Just to make this known, I absolutely do NOT intend to profit off of anything. My only purpose for doing these articles (particularly Saws III-VI) is so that people who, for whatever reason, are unable to view the work the article was based on have the benefit of understanding how the events play out. While there certainly are plot synopses that can be viewed that have the same information, they lack the interaction of characters/cast members that form the basis. (for example: a synopsis might state that two characters will have a conversation that leads to a fight; the quotes article should have the conversation as it's presented as it could offer plot-important details and/or character insights that are a major part to the work in question).
  • I apologize for "over-contributing." (adding probably more than necessary).