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Lev Lafayette is a sociologist by profession, a systems administrator by vocation and a old-school gamer for recreation. He is a doctoral candidate at the Ashworth Centre for Social Theory at the the University of Melbourne with a thesis entitled "A Social Theory of the Internet". He also has an MBA (Technology) and a Graduate Certificate Project Management graduate at the Chifley Business School, in addition to a Graduate Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Education, and an honours graduate from Murdoch University in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology.

He works at the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), a registered research agency specialising established by a consortium of universities. He has worked for the Parliament of Victoria as a database administrator and trainer, and for East Timor's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as their ICT Advisor in their first year of independence. He is the president of Linux Users Victoria, and founding president of the Isocracy Network.