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Code Lyoko was a French animation series that aired on Cartoon Network from 2004 through 2007.

Full list of episodes

Prequel: X.A.N.A. Awakens[edit]

X.A.N.A. Awakens: Part 1[edit]

Jeremy (Voice Over): "That night, even though I was scarred stiff, I decided to start up the computer."

Jeremy: "I hope I'm not going to regret this in a minute. OK, go!"

Jeremy: "Now, let's see what you've got under the hood, my friend." (referring to the computer)

Jeremy: (Sitting down to the mainframe) "Artificial Intelligence, can you hear me?"
Aelita: "Yes, but would you mind calling me something else, please?"
Jeremy: "OK, how do you like the name 'Maya'?"
Aelita: "Maya, I like that."

Jeremy: "Maya, there's not just a forest out there, there's an entire world! I count four sectors."

Jeremy: "It's actually a supercomputer. It's ultra powerful. And while I was examining it, I saw that it runs a virtual universe called Lyoko.
Ulrich: "You know what, Belpois, this morning's electric shock fried your brain. This thing is just the control center of the factory, that's all."
(Jeremy types, and Aelita appears on the screen)
Jeremy: "Oh, yeah? And what would you call this, huh? A program for spray painting doors?"

Jeremy: "In fact, the supercomputer analyzes you're molecular structure through these cabins and then breaks down your atoms before digitalizing them and recreating a digital incarnation in the virtual world."
Ulrich: "In English?"
Jeremy: "You go inside the cabin, and you're teleported to the virtual world."

Jeremy: "Odd Della Robbia?"
Odd: "Who's calling me?"
Jeremy: "It's me, Jeremy Belpois."
Odd: "Is this a joke or something?"
Jeremy: "Uh, no."

Odd: (Hit by a laser) "Uh! That's a lot less cool. There are these giant cockroaches attacking, is that normal?"
Jeremy: "Yeah"
Odd: "Oh, nothing to worry about, then."
Jeremy: "That's not what I meant. You've gotta get out of there."

Ulrich: "Great, at least we're alive."
Odd: "Alive? Well, if you say so. I think I'm about to throw up."

X.A.N.A. Awakens: Part 2[edit]

Odd: "Einstein, you're a genius! You're return to the past, it worked!"
Jeremy: "What's that? What are you talking about?"
Odd: "You haven't forgotten about the supercomputer and Lyoko and my big purple cat costume, huh?"
Jeremy: "You know all about Lyoko? But how come?"
Yumi: "That's weird. It looks like the return in time didn't quite work on him."
Ulrich: "Come on, we're gonna fill you in."

Jeremy: "But, Maya ..."
Aelita: "Aelita. When I went into the tower, I remembered my name."
Jeremy: "Aelita. That's even better than Maya."

Yumi: "Hi. Well, find anything?"
Jeremy: "Yes. X.A.N.A."
Odd: "X.A.N.A.? What's that?"
Aelita: "A super dangerous program, like a virus, which can control electricity and it activates towers on Lyoko to gain access to your world."
Yumi: "So the red tower, the electricity monster, the weird symbol, the monsters on Lyoko. All that was X.A.N.A.?"
Jeremy: "Yes. Only Aelita can counter it by deactivating the tower that it uses for attacks in the real world."

Season 1[edit]


Ulrich: Sissy really did come on strong. If meanness is one of the qualities of a beauty queen, she'll get re-elected all right.
Jeremy: Yeah, but try to get Mrs. World to see that.
Odd: (into microphone) Mrs. World, huh? Mrs. In-her-own-world is more like it.

Sissy: (To Herve and Nicolas) Hey, I hope you two aren't gonna follow me around all day long. As far as I know, you're not Beauticians, so stop sticking to me like glue. I don't need you, understand? So scat.
Herve: Sissy, we thought …
Sissy: Take this advice. Don't think, it doesn't suit you.

Seeing Is Believing[edit]

Aelita: Hi! Is something wrong, Jeremy? You know, if you ever have a problem, you can always talk to me about it.

Yumi: Nuclear Sabotage. That's a little over our heads, wouldn't you say?

Jeremy: Great you guys! The energy is super-nuclear. You're gonna make this town explode.

Holiday in the Fog[edit]

Sissy: It's no use, we're finished.
Jim: No, no. Be brave now. Jeremy can't be far away. He'll help us out of this.
Sissy: Jeremy? That's pretty re-assuring. It's nice to know that the closest thing to Bruce Willis is coming to the rescue.

Sissy: I only stayed at school to find out the secret of Jeremy and his friends because, the truth is, that I've been wanting to be part of their group for ages but it seems so hopeless. Do you understand what I mean?
Jim: Huh? No. All I understand is there's no ventilation in here. We're gonna run out of oxygen soon.
Sissy: I'd better stop talking then. Right. I can take a hint.

Odd: (talking to a Roachster) Hey you. Yeah. That's right. You.

Log Book[edit]

Jim: Take a look, Odd. Not bad, huh? This bus is the latest in modern technology. It's electricity driven so it's non-polluting but powerful, too.
Odd: Electric and powerful, too, huh? I'll bet this crate goes about as fast as a snail.

Yumi: No wait, this is too easy. Coming all this way without seeing even one monster, there's gotta be a trap.
(Sandstorm appears)
Aelita: A Sandstorm!

Yumi: Jeremy, we've got a problem here.
Jeremy: Make that two. There's a monster behind you!

Big Bug[edit]

Odd: Oh, no, no, no! As if we didn't have enough problems.
Jim: So, it seems you've forgot the rules here at school, huh? Pets are not allowed!
Odd: Yeah, we know that, Jim. But you're not gonna make a big deal out of a little dog, are you?
Jim: That's for the principle to decide. Follow me.

Cruel Dilemma[edit]

Yumi: What's Einstein up too, anyway?
Odd: The usual. He's glued to his computer screen in a big cyber conversation with his darling Aelita.

Jeremy: Oh, no. You're such a cosmic creep. Now look what you've done! Those keys are incredibly sensitive.
Odd: Ok, ok. A little piece of candy's not gonna wreak you're keyboard.
Jeremy: (Looks at computer) That's crazy. This is really mega-insane. (Runs Materialization Program) Yes! It works! Odd, you're a genus!
Odd: Hey, make up you're mind. Am I a genius or a creep?
Jeremy: You're a creepy genius.

Odd: No need to look any further, guys. This time he picked a real winner. He's attacking us with Bulldozers. Nice going, X.A.N.A., How subtle can you get?

Jeremy: As for Ulrich, let's just say he's fast asleep.
Odd: He is? That must be tough. At least, without his earplugs.

Yumi: Candy can fix anything, even a broken heart.

Image Problem[edit]

Odd: (talking about the Yumi clone X.A.N.A. sent to Earth) She wasn't that different from the original.
Jeremy: She didn't fool me. I saw the difference. I mean, as soon as she started to flirt with me.
Yumi: Really? (begins to flirt with Jeremy in the same manner as the clone)

End of Take[edit]


Girl of the Dreams[edit]


Swarming Attack[edit]

Just in Time[edit]

The Trap[edit]

Laughing Fit[edit]



Killer Music[edit]


The Robots[edit]

Zero Gravity Zone[edit]


Rock Bottom?[edit]

Ghost Channel[edit]

Code: Earth[edit]

False Start[edit]

Season 2[edit]

New Order[edit]

Unchartered Territory[edit]


A Great Day[edit]

Mister Pück[edit]

Saint Valentine's Day[edit]

Final Mix[edit]

Missing Link[edit]

The Chips are Down[edit]


Common Interest[edit]


A Bad Turn[edit]

Attack of the Zombies[edit]


A Fine Mess[edit]

XANA's Kiss[edit]


Cold War[edit]

Deja Vu[edit]

Tip-Top Shape[edit]

Is Anybody Out There?[edit]

Franz Hopper[edit]



The Key[edit]

Season 3[edit]

Straight to Heart[edit]

Lyoko Minus One[edit]

Tidal Wave[edit]

False Lead[edit]


The Pretender[edit]

The Secret[edit]

Temporary Insanity[edit]


Nobody In Particular[edit]

Triple Trouble[edit]

Double Trouble[edit]

Final Round[edit]

Season 4[edit]

William Returns[edit]

Double Take[edit]

Opening Act[edit]

Wreck Room[edit]


Maiden Voyage[edit]

Crash Course[edit]


I'd Rather Not Talk About It[edit]

Hot Shower[edit]

The Lake[edit]

Lost at Sea[edit]

Laboratory Rat[edit]

Bragging Rights[edit]

Dog Day Afternoon[edit]

A Lack of Goodwill[edit]

Distant Memory[edit]

Hard Luck[edit]

Guided Missile[edit]

Kadic Bombshell[edit]

Canine Conundrum[edit]

A Space Oddity[edit]

Cousins Once Removed[edit]

Music soothes the Savage Beast[edit]

Wrong Exposure[edit]

Bad Connection[edit]

Cold Sweat[edit]

Down to Earth[edit]

Fight to the Finish[edit]


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