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an astrologer-~- vastu vid[art of better & peaceful living]-~- palmist[reading of palm lines & signs with respect to life & prospects]-~- bhakti yog guide[spirituality]-~- subjective on the human life & nature-~- engineer

Hi-Life wants to tell some thing from the inner folder to whom soever wish to know about it that what so ever we do here it counts here as well as here after. It is life -a never ending process,we are a party to it-what so ever we do here, good or bad- we are bound to receive the same in a bit different form sooner or later. Better to be wise now than to be embarrassed at a later date.

Our devotional spirit -prayers-good act counts well here & here after too. What ever time we spend in prayer,that much time is further added to our life-this is a fact. We attach our expectation with our prayer some time that takes us to a bit far from prayer. Our selfless prayers brings better result than that of the earlier one. But rest assured that every prayer we make is counted well. We receive the fruits of prayer for sure at appropriate time.

What ever we earn-we never use the same for self-like wise we earn specific amount,out of which some goes to self, some goes to wife, some goes to children, some goes to parents, some goes to house, some goes to society, some goes to charity, some goes to savings for future, some goes to state as tax--like wise whatever we earn through prayers get distributed in same pattern and some times we feel inappropriate results of our prayer because of the pattern formulated by nature but God never keeps any thing as such he returns with interest but to all concerned attached to us in various forms at respective time-some time he keeps the reflect for some future bad time to counter that. So be sure every thing counts & gets paid too but on right time. So have some time for your beloved god & his prayer which in fact pays you more than any other act.

Please thank you very much for being with me on the blog. Thanks a lot.

mahesh sharma