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You should have been blocked for a lot longer than a month, my friend.--Jimbo Wales 17:13, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

We are not in the business of 'outing' people, and we must continue to have deep and profound respect for the subjects of our biographies. ---Jimbo Wales 14:33, 18 February 2006 (UTC)



Template:Stop Article(s) need serious work
15px|Yes Completed (for the momment)
15px|No In progress
  1. W:List of Mega Man Zero characters- Yes
  2. W:Mega Man Zero Boss characters- Yes
  3. W:List of Mega Man weapons- finished Yes
  4. Zero (character)- Finished Yes
  5. W:Mega Man X (character) - finished Yes
  6. W:Silent Mobius- minor editing to do No
  7. W:Seven Samurai 20XX- Yes
  8. W:List of Mega Man X characters- haven't started yet Template:Stop
  9. Dead or Alive Bios- Yes
  10. W:Mega Man article ovehall- No
  11. W:Parasite Eve - need to elaborate on PEII storyline No
  12. W:Tekken Finished making sepearte articles for each game; must overhall character pages Template:Stop
  13. W:King of Fighters Character bios - Still reqires expansion here and there, but much better than before No
  14. Make King of Fighter page for quotes on Wikiquote. The saturation here is utterly beyond belief. No
  15. W:Samurai Shodown character articles No
  16. W:.Hack character articles Template:Stop