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Me ... Qadeer Mangrio

  • My name is Qadeer Mangrio.
  • I am Sindhi.
  • I am a student of Science and I like World History & Knowledge presented here on Wikipedia.
  • I will do my best for Wikipedia, contributing articles about places and personalities not listed in Wikipedia's articles already.
  • I am Qadeer Mangrio from Hyderabad, Sindh and am a student.
  • I want to be a cooperative and helpful Person, and you will know all about me by reading my choices that are given below.


Now I am doing B.Sc.,

and Primary(V) from my village.

Passion & Intrest[edit]

  • Wikipedia is my passion.
  • My Interest is reading all the worthy books that develop skills and knowledge. I like playing cricket, watching movies, making friends, and getting together with them.


Webpage: Mangrio
Cell: 0300-3010998