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I'm Mercury7523. I'm the founder of the Europa Report and Plants vs. Zombies wikiquote articles. But I am glad I got some help with that. I like editing wikiquote, wikipedia, and wikivoyage articles during part of my free time.

Favorite Quote: Compared to the breadth of knowledge yet to be known, what does your life actually mater? - Europa Report, Rosa Dasque.

Favorite Classic Game: Chess.

Favorite Computer Game: Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Minecraft.

Favorite Film: Europa Report.

Favorite Composer: Bear McCreary.

Favorite "Curiosity": This is a copy of the Herobrine Creepypasta. Herobrine is an urban legend of the sandbox indie game "Minecraft™" The abomination is, according to rumors, usually stalking players, hacking into computers, and making strange constructions. "HAIR•oh•BRIN" is how you're supposed to pronounced it, but due to it different pronunciation in Europe, it's often mispronounced as HERO•brine.

Favorite Book Series: Animorphs