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Ladd Observatory with cherry trees in blossom

% whois !MU301[2]

I am the Curator of the historic Ladd Observatory and a Visiting Scholar at the Brown University Department of Physics. My research focus is late 19th and early 20th century history of science and technology.

Visit my Wikiversity:User:Mu301/Learning blog and join in on the conversation. I also have a personal blog called Fornax Chimiæ and I contribute to the Ladd Observatory blog.

Presenting on GLAM and Wikipedian in Residence at the Ada Lovelace Day Wikipedia edit-a-thon at Brown.[1]

I'm a bureaucrat at en-wikiversity; {{ping|Mu301}} if you need assistance or help with anything there.

Where I'm currently most active

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 My Freenode irc nick and cloak is mikeu@wikimedia/mu301
 My other accounts are Mikeu and Mu301Bot (w/bot flag for en-wv and beta-wv)