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I like making up completely fake quotes off the top of my head (not on WikiQuote LOL) which can be done here and here.

Look me up at Meta for a complete list of all the wikis I am on.

I kind of post things I have said here and then came back and looked at later and thought, "Wow, that was really profound." --   NERD42    EMAIL  TALK  H2G2  PEDIA  UNCYC 

Nerd42's Most Quotable Quotes[edit]

Nerd42 on Nothing in Particular[edit]

"Nerd42 likes talking about himself in the third person!"

~ Nerd42

"OK, so now we need to define Nerd42."

~ Nerd42

"That depends on your definition of Nerd42."

~ Nerd42

"uhh ... what?"

~ Nerd42

Nerd42 on Philosophy[edit]

"A complainer is a philosopher who can't get anyone to listen to his philosophy. A philosopher is a dictator without any power. A dictator is a complainer without a philosophy. I am a rather lame combination of the three."

~ Nerd42 on Taking Over the World

Nerd42 on Nerd42[edit]

"I rock. I mean, I'm, like, a parody of myself!"

~ Nerd42 on Nerd42

Nerd42 on PWNAGE[edit]

"I think we should PWN more n00bs. After all, if the n00bs were properly PWNED they wouldn't be being bullied like this. They'd be PWNED. The bullying is only happening as a poor substitute due to the lack, or at least the signifigant decline of PWNAGE and the PWNING rate on the internets in general @ teh moment."

~ Nerd42 on PWNAGE

Nerd42 on Linux[edit]

"Puppylinux isn't letting me use my mousey"

~ Nerd42 on PuppyLinux

Nerd42 on Newgrounds[edit]

"this is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen and I think I'm going to have to go watch a couple crappy sprite cartoons - some of the really really crappy ones - and vote them up really really high so that they'll look better than this piece of crap"

~ Nerd42 on Newgrounds

Nerd42 on Weird Al[edit]

"Al Yankovic thinks he's so white & nerdy - I'm the genuine article HARDCORE nerdy white guy. He's just a poser."

~ Nerd42 on Weird Al