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The Lord of the Rings Online is a video game based on the the characters and setting of the Lord of the Rings.



  • Our worse fears have come to pass. The One Ring has revealed itself and as the fellowship prepares for its perilous journey to Mount Doom the shadow of Sauron stretches furth to reclaim it. In ages long past the Witch King gathered a dark army in Angmar. Once again he calls a vast horde from the depths of Carn Dum to march the lands of Middle Earth to lay them to rest. Aragon and I hoped the Rangers alone could hold back the Witch King's advance and that Angmar's strength had not yet grown too great. We were wrong. ... You must unite the Free Peoples of Arador and inspire them to stand against Sauron. For if you do not oppose the army of Angmar then all the lands of Middle Earth will fall forever into darkness and shadow. War is at hand and the times is now.
    • Gandalf in the opening cinematic

Bounder Boffin: I don't know where "Baggins" is!
Black Rider: Fool!
Bounder Boffin Gracious me, is it safe?
  • "A Road through the Dark"

  • I overheard your tale. So you travel to Archet to seek Celandine Brandybuck, do you? As Gildor has said, I am indeed travelling to Archet myself. It is fortunate that you found me, as I fear that even a hobbit as courageous as yourself would have run afoul of these brigands. I must learn what connexion these Blackwold brigands have with the Ringwraiths. Come now, let us travel to Archet. The road ahead is long and not nearly as safe as it once was.
    • Amdir, "A Road through the Dark"

  • I am what some in Bree call a Ranger. I have come here to learn what connexion these men have with a Black Rider I was tracking from the Shire. However, the situation has worsened. I learned from Jon Brackenbrook, a hunter in Archet, that a guard from his father's garrison -- Calder Cob by name -- is working for the Blackwolds and captured two visiting hobbits. Indeed, I have seen them here. I will need your help if I am to free the hobbits.
    • Amdir, "Jailbreak"

  • You... you found them. You rescued the hobbits. Do not... concern yourself with me. The greatest danger... has passed. The Nazgûl fear those who wield fire...
    • Amdir's final words before passing out from the wounds of a Nazgûl blade in "Jailbreak"

  • Few in Bree-land trust Rangers.
    • Amdir, "Amdir's Request"

  • Jon and his father recently had a terrible falling out. Jon believed that a member of the Captain's garrison, Calder Cob, was in league with the Blackwold brigands. Before I came to you, I witnessed Cob and Éogan discussing a raid on the town. Jon's suspicions are correct, and his father must be warned.
    • Amdir, "Captain Brackenbrook"

  • I have been such a fool. With Calder Cob turned traitor, I do not know whom to trust anymore. How many more spies dwell among us? I would ask a favour of you. Go speak with my son Jon and ask for his help against the Blackwolds. Jon spends most of his time at the Hunter's Lodge to the east of Archet. From the town-gate, follow the road that wends to the east, and you will eventually make your way to the lodge. If you can sway my son's heart, I will reward you handsomely.
    • Captain Brackenbrook, "The Captain's Son"


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