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I'm more of a fandom-based user of this site, such as specific television shows, books, or comic books, but when I'm feeling icky (really, it is the only word to describe it), I do sometimes enjoy the proverbs and inspirational quotes.

I must admit, I'm not too active on Wiki sites, though it's not for lack of fandom love or information, but rather that I find the rules for contributing to Wiki-type sites more then a little confusing. Usually, pages I create get removed, and when I've tried asking (admitedly, probably kind of stupid) questions in the past, the responces have been a little harsh. I do add quotes I particularly love to sub-sections of pages ([episode x] already created on [television show y] page), though, when I can.

...this is where I would dump a boatload of quotes from various subjects, but right now I'm feeling too lazy to format them all, so I just give you one from my deepest seeded obsession, Law & Order (season 6, episode 23; "Aftershock").

Geller: "The law must be stable, but should never stand still." It's not an absolute. It's not like physics.
Kincaid: But state-sanctioned killing?
Geller: Is the penicillin of the '90s.