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I will be gone till Aug. 1. Rmhermen 19:36, 11 July 2005 (UTC)

Something about Myself[edit]

I started trying to give my computer something to do so I signed it up for Seti at Home. Then I found I could do something myself and joined Distributed Proofreaders in early 2000, soon after it started, proofreading texts for inclusion in Project Gutenberg. Then I tried to join Nupedia but they only wanted PhD's and never sent me any proofreading work since that project moved slower than a snail on a tar barrel. I saw a little link for their side project and found Wikipedia in early 2001, probably in April. Sometime in 2001 or 2002 I also worked on Clickworkers, marking lunar and Martian craters on images. My first edits to Wikiquote was on Aug 2, 2004 when I dug out my old copy of Bartlett's and opened a random page. On March 31, 2005, I was made a sysop on Wikiquote.

Copyedit Challenge[edit]

Compared to Wikipedia, Wikiquote still has very few editors. Kind of like the old days at Wikipedia but fewer eyes mean more simple mistakes don't get caught and corrected. I have recently been on a high noble quest to properly format articles. Mostly adding categories, fixing en: links to w: or adding missing links to Wikipedia. I have been using Special:AncientPages to find old neglected pages and Special:New Pages to check new pages. I hit Random Page ten times one day and found something to correct/alter on every page. So it is clear that there is a lot of simple maintenance required. I will try to remember to stop copyediting every once in a while to add new quotes, if I remember.