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About Me![edit]

In case you are wondering, I live in Boston, MA with my two cats, Otie and Muffin, and my new dog Bailey. I'm interested mainly in Google Earth and musicals, as well as cats. I'm very patriotic towards New England (or, more specifically, Boston, MA) and I'm proud to be a native. It's very different from the rest of the country, ranging from peaceful and serene to beautifully structured cities and a very diverse culture. My family tree goes all over the world, and includes Irish, Italian and Russian bases. I get most of Irish/Italian from being a Boston native, as those are the area's native cultures. I am also quite interested in retail business and often create Google Earth KML collections of stores such as The Home Depot and Wal-Mart.

I'm an avid Hairspray fan, as well as Grease. Mainly Hairspray though. Surprisingly, not much of my time is spent on those articles.

This is a copy of a section of my userpage at Wikipedia. Only recently am I active here on Wikiquote, and I'm still playing around with my preferences. I hope to start working here and on the Commons in addition to Wikipedia, to make use of my global account.