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Mine public commentable-editable doc.

I am Stevertigo, and now that I understand what happened to WP/WM, that molochs and oligarchs have conspired to despotically despoil our freedom, and our common right to attain freedom from molochy for our own, that the first equasion is of the first importance, that floorbombs mean a penalty of eternal mind-dying, such that..

10450yrs < ∞yrs

Floorbombs are tukes which are less than sufficient height above, or less than sufficient depth below, human Earth habitation (at ground level), to kill by irradiation only, this causing quantum string damage (QSD) to the cognitive capacity of the human beings.

Even old New York, was once New Amsterdam..

Hey, conventionals. Good. Dasein. For diplomats (and their child), 50lbs "C4" or "chem-tek" ~ 30.5m radius.