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How I got started on Wikiquote[edit]

I registered as a user on 25 March 2006 so that I could fix some vandalism (somebody had renamed the Ferris Bueller's Day Off page to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off On Wheels!!!" -- how silly is that?) I checked back a few days later to see what (if anything) had come of my actions, and found a welcome message on my talk page from User:Jeffq. Of course, I'm brand new and so I'm wondering "who is this, and why is he welcoming me?" So, I went to visit his user page, only to find it had been vandalized. So, I reverted that as well.

Hopefully I am not headed down the path to starting a Counter Vandalism Unit for Wikiquote...

Current Projects[edit]

Cleaning up the problems reported on Special:DoubleRedirects

/RedirectTest1 /RedirectTest2 /RedirectTest3

What have I done lately?[edit]

Contributions by TravisM

Notes to Self[edit]

  • none

See Also[edit]

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