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Carl Friedrich Abel by Thomas Gainsborough (1727–1788)
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Walter Raleigh[edit]

  • Tell men of high condition,
    That manage the estate,
    Their purpose is ambition,
    Their practice only hate:
    And if they once reply,
    Then give them all the lie.
    • The Lie 1608
  • Tell arts they have no soundness,
    But vary by esteeming;
    Tell schools they want profoundness,
    And stand too much on seeming:
    If arts and schools reply,
    Give arts and schools the lie.
    • The Lie 1608
  • So when thou hast, as I
    Commanded thee, done blabbing —
    Although to give the lie
    Deserves no less than stabbing —
    Stab at thee he that will,
    No stab the soul can kill.
    • The Lie (1608)

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