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See also some historical organic gardening[edit]

  • Wikipedia Back to Eden Gardening article does not exist.
    (Video interview at Youtube:) Back to Eden Gardening - Interview & Tour with Paul Gautschi - How To Start No-Till Wood Chip Garden, 17m 32s,
    Water ressources, energy, work saving. Establishing healthy soil, multiplying soil and nutrients.
  • Zai, quote "farming technique to dig pits" "to catch water and concentrate compost"
  • Franklin Hiram King 1911: Farmers of Forty Centuries, or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan
  • Terra Preta Water ressources, energy, work saving.
    A preperation as requirement for healthy soil and water (humidity) keeping.
    Nutrients are being deposited in the charcoal (of the Terra Preta) until needed (no over-fertilizing).