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General Information[edit]

Name: Lizzy

Age: 21

About: College student studying pharmacy in the US.

Personal Notes: While I have a limited amount of experience with Wikipedia, I wasn't aware of Wikiquote until very recently, when I found a link urging fans of Veronica Mars to help save it's Wikiquote page. I've played with the formatting on the page a bit, and I think it's in very good shape now. :) Maybe, eventually, when I find more of that elusive thing referred to as "free time," I'll update this page to add in some of my favorite quotes - and maybe even make referring pages for VM characters/actors on Wikipedia.


Books: w:His Dark Materials triology by Philip Pullman, w:Redwall series by Brian Jacques, Medieval Mysteries series by w:Sharon Kay Penman ...

Movies: The Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, w:Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!, w:Runaway Jury, Gattaca, Sleepy Hollow, w:Bend It Like Beckham

TV Shows: Veronica Mars, The X-Files, w:Caroline in the City

Sports/Teams/Players: w:Green Bay Packers, w:NFL in general, w:Javon Walker, w:NCAA_basketball

Food/Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, mole sauce