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Hello, I'm Wikihermit. This page is intended to look good with Mozilla Firefox. It looks horrid in IE, so get Firefox now! I'm an occasional editor at Commons. My main wiki is the English Wikipedia. I also have a bot called HermesBot. I am on IRC with the clock wikipedia/wikihermit and the nick Wikihermit, Wikihermit|Away, or The_NSA. I am usually on #wikipedia, #wikipedia-en, and #wikipedia-BAG. You can find a full list of ways to contact me at my contact page on wikipedia.

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I edit articles that interest me. These articles are almost always related to Eastern Pennsylvania or Central Pennsylvania. I help out with the dispute resolution process, mainly third opinions and the Mediation Cabal. On commons I mainly categorize images and tag copyright violations. I also have a toolserver account which I use to run bots. If you need my assistance leave a note on my talk page.

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