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Hello and welcome to my userpage! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!



I started my Wikipedia account in December of 2005. I had been editing under a different username for some time but, decided to change it and start anew. Although I don't create many new articles on Wikipedia, I primarily edit and serve a a mediator during debates.

While working at Wikipedia I created the United Nations portal and worked on UN related articles. I am also a dedicated member of the Counter Vandalism Unit and the stub sorting project.

If you want to contact me about any Wikipedia related info post a comment at my talk page here.



I started working on Wiktionary around January 2006. I mostly write articles and monitor for vandalize|vandilization. I can usually be found browsing the latest updates for RFD or making minor edits. I also can be found contributing to the translations, being versed in German and French.

So far I have created 96 new entries. Primarily I will create new entries on food as it's my favorite subject. I have a dedicated myself to making Wiktionary a dictionary everyone will use.



I signed on as a user in mid-February of 2006. Since then I have written several stories for Wikinews and edited several already existing ones.

In addition to my normal editing and writing I'm also spearheading the new mainpage redesign project. I believe that Wikinews would improve if the mainpage were redesigned. A new version would allow users to access stories and specific topics easier than the current version.

About half of the time I can either be found on Wiktionary or Wikinews. If you want to help with the redesign project click here. To leave me a message just post it here.



Since joining Wikibooks in December, 2005, I started the United Nations Wikibook. This Wikibok covers all topics, history, commitees and decisions of the United Nations. Occasionally I can be found here editing or revising different wikibooks.

In addition to working on the United Nations Wikibook I also contribute to the language wikibooks. I speak German, French and Italian somewhat fluently and contribute primarily to these wikibooks.

To contact me at Wikibooks post a comment here

Wikisource-logo.png Wikisource

I started my Wikisource account in February of 2006. While here I mostly work on United Nations resolutions. Along with this I also edit and categorize stray articles.

I am also an active participant in the logo redesign project. I personally believe the current logo is outdated and quite ugly.

To contact me at Wikisource post a comment here.