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--Amberr924gilman 19:58, 14 November 2009 (UTC)

Adrenna Lynn Furgensturge (born Adrienne Lynn Furgensturge, 29 May, 1991) is a German Singer and Activist. She is the lead singer for Fifteen Flying Foxes.


  • How come everytime I open my locker lettuce comes out?
  • People can say whatever they want but I'm not on drugs, im just weird.
  • I long to wrap my arms around you.
  • I have a crush on Patrick Stump.
  • If there wasn't music...I wouldn't be me. I would be somebody else. I think I would be miserable.
  • If i could meet any band in the world it would be Blink-182. We have the same seanse of humor.
  • I'm have a great idea! I'll put this ice cream carton at the top of my locker and we'll all guess what color of mold it will be in three weeks. And everybody gives a dollar to whoever is right.
  • I have trouble concentraited on things that don't involve music. I wrote a song during math class last year instead of doing my homework. But what will pay my bills someday? Songwriting and my music knowledge or my ability to find square roots?
  • When were you planning on telling me that my pen exploded on my hand? Oh my God it's all over my face!
  • Your Mother!
  • I went to church with Lauren and Seirra and I almost yelled out thats what she said.
  • Haha. You said hard.
  • Lauren, I didn't mean when i said that I hated you.
  • I have a boyfriend. He is super adorable.
  • That is stellar.