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Although I sit here all day, my mind travels to infinity and back trying to find solutions to all my problems...

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-02 Jan.2011/0351PM-


Life is just a fine prologue of what's coming next...

-Constantinos Pouyioukkas-01 Jan. 2011/0501PM-

Without you[edit]

Even if the world is so "warm" to me, I still feel like a cold iceberg stuck in the middle of nowhere without you by my side...

- Constantinos Pouyioukkas -01 Jan. 2011/04:30AM-

Our Lives...[edit]

After 23 hours of continuous sleep I realised that hours and days in general terms of time, pass like the water that flows in a stream ...But when that stream dries up the water-time stops... That's how our lives "work" in manners of time.. Time Never stops though, the only thing that stops is the time-line of our lives...We are just like a stream...When we dry up the only thing that stays behind are memories that show,someone or something, somewere, excisted and now its over..

- Constantinos Pouyioukkas -31 Dec. 2010/09:19PM-