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You had asked about the "bug" that erases some of the formatted characters: I had assumed it was a bug in the browsers, because similar effects have occured at other sites using different software than mediawiki, but I don't actually know whether it is mostly a bug in mediawiki, in the OS, or in the browsers, or a combination of any and all of these, but it effects me as well. Whenever I have used the "Show preview" function in my preferred browser (Safari using Mac OS X), and then saved, it ALWAYS stripped the formatting of special characters. I have posted a note of this problem at various points. With myself, just avoiding the "show preview" function has always been sufficient to avoid any problems (which is why I will often have at least one minor edit after many of my major ones). I am interested in knowing whether this sort of behavior occurs with others while using other browsers and Operating systems though. ~ Kalki 09:11, 12 May 2004 (UTC)[reply]