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I like the brief movie description and most of the format elements. In fact, for your example, the only thing I'd change is separating "Conversations" and "Others" because the two aren't parallel. If there aren't any other individual quotees yet, I'd suggest one of three strategies:

  1. Add sections for likely characters, but leave them empty for now.
  2. Just leave them out completely until someone adds a quote.
  3. Create an "Others" section, which should recommend including the name of the person quoted.

Of course, any of these can be changed to any other one if the material changes in nature over time.

As I mention at List of films#Format style, it may not handle very large quote pages well, but it's excellent for pages organized by character and/or with only a modest amount of dialog (which I believe form a majority of current pages). All in all, nice work. — Jeff Q 00:45, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Oh, I forgot — I'm not crazy about the actor links, since very few Wikiquote pages exist (or are likely to exist in the foreseeable future) for actors. I recommend Wikipedia links instead, which might be what people expect. This issue is part of the ongoing (though fairly quiescent) debate at Talk:Television shows/Dialog formatting (starting at Linking speakers 1). — Jeff Q 00:55, 5 Dec 2004 (UTC)