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Alan Parsons[edit]

I am all for the addition of links to audio and video presentations on YouTube, as you have added to the Alan Parsons page, but they generally should explicitly be presented as such, and NOT usually presented the primary link of titles of songs within citations, which should generally be reserved for links to Wikipedia pages for such a song, where they exist. ~ ♌︎Kalki ⚓︎ 00:29, 21 February 2021 (UTC)

There's an arrow on the two links. Also, if anyone hovers over one of these links they will see it directs to YouTube. Or if they click on a link and they don't want to be in YouTube they can "arrow backwards" to go back to Wikiquote easily. I don't understand your problem with this.
Please refer me to a page setting out a specific policy on this (not just your own opinion/preference) if there is a stated policy I am contravening, or leave what I have done as it is. I don't actually see what the harm is. Wikiquote shouldn't have a problem with cross-referencing to a video on YouTube provided that the video is a suitable one. In this case I have linked to a video with 8 million plays, and another with 630,000 plays - they are videos which have established themselves by heavy use and so, are likely to be on YouTube for some time. I have done the same on other pages previously - a simple link to the corresponding material YouTube (e.g. Thomas Dolby, Ian Brown, Brian Protheroe, Richard Yates, Dad's Army, The Prisoner, etc
I am willing to stop linking to YouTube if you show me a specific policy written down somewhere actually forbidding it. I don't want to concede to individual whims short of an actual stated policy however. There needs to be a clear policy one way or the other. If there is already, I will follow it. -- Wheatfromchaff (talk) 00:54, 21 February 2021 (UTC)
I have no desire at all to prevent you from linking to YouTube, and there are very few formal policies here in regard to many matters, and a few of them which have been created by a few people in the course of time are often abominations of ignorance, injustice and nonsense, but I believe the links of titles within citations should be reserved for either Wikipedia, Wikiquote, or Wikisource links and that external links should generally be denoted as such. This has long been a prominent practice. The innate renditions of external links also are often disruptive of normal formatting of citations, if not crafted specifically for such (which I hold to be generally inadvisable.) I actually encourage the addition of YouTube links for music audio and video performances, as you have begun to do, but simply believe that for many diverse reasons they should not be the primary title link. ~ ♌︎Kalki ⚓︎ 01:08, 21 February 2021 (UTC)
"I believe....I believe...I simply believe..." isn't a reason for you to revert what I did. Rules that exist in your head as the way things should be done don't necessarily exist in the real world. Unfortunately the longer someone has been on a site, the more likely it is they will have formed the idea "my way is always the right way" and that idea may well be erroneous but they wield the blue pencil automatically . Either formulate a specific rule, in committee with whoever runs this place, and lay it down as a rule (YouTube links must be displayed as follows..."), or please leave my links alone. You aren't God. Wheatfromchaff (talk) 10:30, 21 February 2021 (UTC)
I will compromise with a dual identification in appropriate cases, as I have done here: see Ricky Nelson. If this doesn't suit you, e.g. because it is clumsy in the presentation, let me know. Wheatfromchaff (talk) 12:51, 1 March 2021 (UTC)