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Usher Raymond IV (born October 14, 1978, in Chattanooga, TN) is an American singer and actor.


  • It can never be bad to have a foundation as a man — a black man. — in a time when women are dying for men. Women have started to become lovers of each other as a result of not having enough men.
    • From an interview with VIBE, "Caught Up" (July 2008)[1]
  • I wouldn't call myself a coward, no way. But being buried alive is something I could never handle. The only way you'd see me being buried alive is if I was dead, man.
    • From an interview with VIBE, "Caught Up"
  • [I'm] a sponge, the more I absorb, the more I am able to articulate my vision, as artists do, like Picasso. I'm an artist in that light. I went from being an artist to an artiste.
    • From an interview with Q Magazine, May 2012 [2]

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