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We are all completely voyeurs greedy for thrilling entertainment no matter if this is real or not.

Uwe Boll (pronounced [ˈuːvə bɔl]; born June 22, 1965, in Wermelskirchen, Germany) is a German director, producer and screenwriter of films often adapted from video games.



  • Postal will be so politically incorrect and harsh, it's like a mirror to American society, and I don't think the movie will be well received by anybody. For example, Osama Bin Laden will be one of the lead characters—I think that shows the mood of the movie.
  • House of the Dead 2 I gave away. Alone in the Dark 2 I will also not do; even if the DVD movie made money. BloodRayne 2 in the Wild West is what I really want to do.
  • This day showed us that we are all completely voyeurs greedy for thrilling entertainment no matter if this is real or not.
    • Referring to the non-stop television airing of the September 11, 2001 attacks. [1].
  • There are directors that make one good movie their whole life, but this movie creates a buzz around the director, then they get like forever good reviews. Till someone 20 years later says, look, to be honest I liked only the one movie of that guy. In my case it’s exactly the opposite. I get trashed for whatever I do. They don’t see any difference in what I’m doing.
  • Postal is a politically incorrect movie, and also a politically incorrect game. I think if you have a game where you can use a cat as a silencer, you cannot make this as a serious movie. So it must be a funny movie. It should be an absurd comedy...

    So you see there is a difference between doing something professional, and only talking about it. And all that people there in the Internet, bashing or whatever, they cannot tell a fucking story for 5 minutes.


  • I totally regret as a German what happened at this point of history. But when people ask me are you, as a German, feel responsible for the Holocaust? No, because I'm born 1965 and it would be completely un-logical to say I'm responsible, but as a country we are responsible.
    • interview (2010), Lopta Film, Lopta and Moist.

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