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V. T. Rajshekar, in full Vontibettu Thimmappa Rajshekar, (born 1932) is an Indian journalist who is the founder and editor of the Dalit Voice.


  • Nobody has done greater service to the Aryan Brahmins of India than Max Muller.
    • Brahminism. (2015) Gyan Publishing House
  • Some European scholars who called Max Muller a racist are not far wrong.
    • Brahminism. (2015) Gyan Publishing House
  • Zionists today not only control the entire world finance and media but the entire Government of the United States of America. Nothing can happen in the world without the sanction of the zionist leadership.
    • Brahminism. (2015) Gyan Publishing House, Annexure I

Quotes about V.T. Rajshekar[edit]

  • But since is lost on Mr. Rajshekar. He has published a book in the West, titled Dalit — the Black Untouchables of India. On the cover is a photograph of, I presume, the writer. And the first thing you notice is : but this man is not black. He is quite a Caucasian, or white man, though slightly more suntanned than Europeans, but not at all a negroid type. And you start to realize : this man is a crackpot. In order to attract American Black support, or for other propaganda reasons, he makes the caste system into a racial issue. The rich white Aryan Brahmin invaders oppress the poor black non-Aryan Shudra natives. Now this has a lot to do with Hitler. He too was a crank racist. While the reprehensible racism in South Africa is at least based on a actual racial difference between black and white, Hitler based his anti-Jewish racism on the erroneous notion that the difference between Germans and Jews is racial, which is biological nonsense. Moreover, he too had borrowed the concept of the Aryan race, which the British had developed in India, but which was totally alien to the Hindu tradition. Rajshekar has borrowed the same theory in the same place. He holds the same kind of crank notion that the difference between upper and lower castes is a racial one. So, Hitler-Rajshekar bhai-bhai. With them, everything gets drawn into racial categories. The only difference is that Hitler is on the side of the Aryan race, while Rajshekar is on the opposite side.
    • Elst, Koenraad (1991). Ayodhya and after: Issues before Hindu society.

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