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V (1984-1985) is a TV series that takes place a year after Liberation Day when, courtesy of the red-dust bacteria, the humanoid, lizard-like aliens develop a resistance to the micro-organism and try to regain control of the Earth--only now some humans are knowingly working with them.

Season 1[edit]

Liberation Day [1.1][edit]

Martin: What do you think you're gonna get for stealing a helicopter?
Mike: Two years. Or a pulitzer prize! Now where's that ambulance?

Nathan: Tell me, Mr. Tyler, what would you do with Diana?
Ham': I'd use her for target practice.
Nathan: Then you reject the argument that she can atone for her crimes by helping us in our fight against disease?
Ham: Diana is the disease.

Dreadnought [1.2][edit]

Julie: All you had to do was release the red dust!
Nathan: It's not quite that simple. Take a look at this. These are laboratory animals that were exposed to heavy doses of the red dust - you can see the results: mutations, sterility, death...
Julie: That's impossible. I tested it on myself! Our data showed that the red dust was harmless to life on Earth.
Nathan: We were wrong. We're at the threshold right now.
Julie: So we can't use the red dust anymore without...
Nathan: Without destroying all life on earth.

Breakout [1.3][edit]

The Deception [1.4][edit]

Bates: I did this for you, you know....
Kyle: Business, Brinksmanship and bucks, three Bs. Kyle begins with a K, remember dad? So don't pin this one on me....
Bates: I suppose you think you'd be living here lizard free if it weren't for the open city agreement....
Kyle: Lizard free? What an interesting idea! too bad it doesn't really apply.
Bates: Of course it does, for fifty miles within the confines of Los Angeles...
Kyle: For now, while they chow down on the rest of the planet!

The Sanction[1.5][edit]

(Sean tells Ham that Mike is dead)
Sean: You should be glad my father's dead.
Ham: Watch your mouth when you talk about your dad.
Sean: You didn't like him.
Ham: "Like" had nothing to do with it. Your father and I saw things differently.
Sean: He shouldn't have come after me.
Ham: You don't understand, do you? He loved you. You were his son. I'd have done the same thing.

Visitors Choice [1.6][edit]

The Overlord[1.7][edit]

Garrison: (to Mike) Who in the hell are you?
Mike: I'm the man who's gonna make you wish you never asked that question!

The Dissident [1.9][edit]

Ham: Never relax. You gotta be more careful, there's a war going on.
Kyle: I thought we were supposed to have faith in each other.
Ham: Faith is for nuns and amateurs.

Reflection in Terror [1.10][edit]


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