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V (2009–2011) is an American television show, airing on ABC, about a counter-terrorism agent who learns that a technologically-advanced alien species with seemingly good intentions are actually reptilian humanoids determined to take over the Earth.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot [1.01][edit]

Marcus: Compromising one's principles for the greater good is not a shameful act.

Father Jack Landry: Under the right conditions and enough time gratitude can morph into worship -- or even worse: devotion.

There Is No Normal Anymore [1.02][edit]

Father Travis: Establishing ties with the visitors is a good thing, Jack. More souls to save. You'll see.

Anna: (looking at herself in the mirror dressed in a kimono) I'm told in Japan this conveys both a respect for tradition and the allure of submission.
Marcus: I'm not sure that's the message you want to send.
Anna: You still don't understand Humanity.

Erica: The Visitors, they traced the call.
Jack: How's that possible?
Erica: How is any of this possible? Dale was my partner, he was one of them. He's been my partner for 7 years, long before the ships showed up. Anyone could be a Visitor. Jack, go home. Jack, go home.
Jack: What?
Erica: Go home. Act normal. Pretend this never happened.
Jack: Wait, we can't just walk away from this.
Erica: We can't attack it head-on. It's too dangerous. I have to figure out what to do. Go home. Don't trust anyone. Anyone.

Jack: You're an FBI agent?
Erica: You're a friggin' priest?

A Bright New Day [1.03][edit]

Ryan: You ever heard of John May?
Georgie: Guy's a myth.
Ryan: No. He's not a myth. He's real. John May is the leader of the Fifth Column. First group of Visitors to ever turn against the leadership, he started it.
Georgie: The Visitors have sleeper cells everywhere.
Ryan: Yeah, and so do we. The Fifth Column is down but it's not out. We can win this.
Georgie: And if John May gets into this?
Ryan: He'll bring an army.

Tyler: You got your Visa today, huh?
Lisa: Yeah.
Tyler: So, what do you think about New York?
Lisa: Still getting the hang of this whole Earth thing, you know?
Tyler: Yeah, me too.

Jack: I wanna be useful. I wanna be able to look people in the eye and say, "God loves you and everything's gonna be fine." How do I tell them that? I don't even know what to tell myself anymore.
Erica: I know how you feel.
Jack: Why are the V's doing it like this? Why the infiltration? Why the sleeper cells? Why don't they just annihilate us and get it over with?
Erica: Because they're smart and patient and whatever their plan is, they need us for something. And until we figure out what that is we have to fight them the same way they're fighting us: one step at a time.

It's Only the Beginning [1.04][edit]

(Anna shows Tyler the engine room)

Anna: This is the propulsion system we use on each of our twenty-nine ships. This... is the engine room.
Tyler': (enraptured) You gotta be kidding me.
Anna: No human has ever seen this before. You are the first, Tyler. (smiles) I thought you'd like it.

Ryan: Everything that I've told you is true.
Erica: Except that you're a Visitor.

Erica: (talking about how to react against the Vs) The more predictable we are, the more vulnerable we are.

Georgie: (To Father Jack) Pretty soon you need to decide what you are. A priest or soldier.

Welcome to the War [1.05][edit]

Father Jack: I feel like something's changed inside me.
Erica: We're all changing. I just made a deal with the Devil. I broke every oath that I have sworn to protect. I don't know what I'm thinking.
Father Jack: You're thinking about protecting your son, the ones you love.

Erica: Welcome to the war.

Anna: Deliver the villain and a hero emerges.

Pound of Flesh [1.06][edit]

Georgie: Long live the Fifth Column!

John May [1.07][edit]

Anna: Let them have this one victory because I'm about to deliver them a thousand defeats.

Ryan: Ten years ago, when I came to your house for dinner, that was the day that I killed John May.

Anna: If we've learned anything it's that emotion is weakness. Love is the greatest flaw of humans and our best tool to break them.

Kyle: Your girl with the Freddy Krueger claws, did she give you something, like a promise ring, anything?

Erica: Sometimes you have to lie to people to protect them.
Father Jack: Am I talking to the FBI Agent or the mother?

We Can't Win [1.08][edit]

Anna: (to Lisa) Joshua said you passed the empathy test - I never doubted you.

Secretary General: Anna came here under the guise of diplomacy, but played politics with tragedy. She used the people of Timbal to gain public and political clout. The question is, if they're just visitors, why does she need that clout?

Chad: They think you are a God.
Anna: Who does that make you?
Chad: A believer. Can I tell you what I believe? You are not just visitors, you are here to stay. But, are you here for our benefit or for yours?

Erica: Why did you do it? Tell me why.
Sniper: Because we can't win.

Heretic's Fork [1.09][edit]

Ryan: I need you to get into the car - okay? The visitors know about us now and will be looking for us.
Valerie: Why?
Ryan: They want our baby.

Ryan: We have to go.
Valerie: Where are we going to go?
Ryan: Somewhere where the V's won't find us.

Valerie: I don't want to see you again because I don't forgive you.
Ryan: It was always for you... everything I ever did was for you.

Erica: I'm sorry. I'm... I'm hearing this for the first time and it's from my son's girlfriend, and I'm... I feel like he's slipping away from me and he doesn't know it, and... I want him to be happy.
Lisa: I'm sorry, Mrs. Evans.
Erica: It's not your fault.
Lisa': It is.

Father Jack: Until we know for a fact he's not who he says he is, we treat him with decency.
Kyle: Human decency's a privilege, father. He's lost his. And, when we prove to you that he's lying, you're gonna lose yours, too.

Anna: A human female is carrying a visitor baby. The existence of this baby puts our entire species at risk. A hybrid can be born with human emotions, love. The Fifth Column could breed an entire generation of hybrids to fight against us. It is a mongrel, a threat to our survival.

Hearts and Minds [1.10][edit]

Anna: (to wounded Lisa about Tyler) There is no greater incentive for a human male than a damsel in distress.

Father Jack: If we wage war against the V's, if we strike preemptively, there is zero margin of error for us. Zero! Either we value life or we are the V's.

Father Jack: I won't ever forget what one life is worth. If we're gonna win this war, we can't go off the rails. We can't lose sight of who we are.
Erica: Jack is right. We can never be like them.

Fruition [1.12][edit]

Ryan: Anna's lying. They're never leaving.
Jack: Then why make the announcement?
Hobbes: Oh, it's theater. The boo-hoo, the attack on the princess. She's putting on a show.
Ryan: Hobbes is right. Anna could've healed Lisa's wounds, but instead she left them for the world to see.
Erica: Question is, why? What is her interest in you and Parker?
Hobbes: I don't know.
Erica: Well, we need to find out. Joshua said that Anna is the one who beat Lisa. Slashed her face. She broke her legs.
Jack: Wait, Anna did that?
Erica: Yes.
Jack: How could she do that to her own daughter?
Ryan: Because she's not human. She's a Visitor. There's nothing that she won't do to get what she wants.

Erica: My son is in love with her daughter. Is he in danger?
Joshua: At first, Tyler was just an assignment. But now I believe that her feelings for him are real. I don't think that she'd hurt him.

Erica: I want you to know that I'm going to make stopping the Fifth Column my top priority.
Anna: Then I'm sure we'll cross paths again soon.
Erica: I'm not going anywhere, Anna.
Anna: As of this evening, neither am I.

'Ryan: Val has changed me. She allowed me to see the beauty in humanity. It was her love that enabled me to fight off Anna's bliss. But without her, I just don't think I can do it anymore.
Father Jack: None of us knows if we can. But with faith we can and, with faith, we do. That's all you can do, Ryan. That's all any of us can do.

Red Sky [1.13][edit]

Erica: Here's to your children's future, Anna. [Tosses the grenade into the egg pool, turns, dashes for the door, and dives out the door, propelled by the explosion]

Marcus: This is terrible, to be sure, but...

[Anna calls up a tactical display at her holographic desk]

Marcus: ... we must not act rashly.

Anna: They must pay. [Starts making holographic keystrokes until Marcus grabs her arm]

Marcus: This is too soon! If we initiate the sequence now...

[Anna, with an angry grunt, jerks her arm away and makes one last keystroke, causing the display to light up with thousands of bright red ship icons over a display of earth]

Marcus: Do you know what you've done?
Anna: Vengeance.

Anna: [Lets out a primal scream, then barely gets under control] What's happening to me?
Marcus: I believe you are experiencing your first human emotion. [Anna screams again, louder. Behind them both, Lisa looks on - and smirks]

Season 2[edit]

Red Rain [2.01][edit]

Marcus: They'll live... but they will be flawed.
Anna: These soldiers, my children, caused my prior outburst of emotion... Never again.

Erica: Red sky is not Anna's latest gift. It is her latest weapon. And we do need you. We need your help to figure out the truth.
Sidney: Look, I'm not a soldier.
Erica: I know.
Hobbes: We don't need your fists. We need your brain. And if you say no, we'll kill you. (smirks) Ah, relax. I'm kidding. Maybe.
Ryan: Like it or not, you're one of us now.

Ryan: You've done nothing but run tests on me. Who knows what you're doing to her?
Anna: I'm just trying to discover how your daughter... a miracle, the first hybrid baby between human and V... was born.
Ryan: She was born out of something you will never understand... love.

Serpent's Tooth [2.02][edit]

Jack: Look, Ryan, I know that...Val's funeral was this morning, and I get that anger is easier than grief. So you can get all pissed off at what we're dealing with and go after them. We can do that, and we will. But you can't carry all this into that fight.
Ryan: Yeah? How come I can't?
Jack: Because if you shut it out, you'll lose sight of what you're really fighting for.

Agent Malik: They think Red Sky was the first volley in a battle against humanity, and they're willing to do anything to throw a wrench in the Visitors' plans.
Erica: What plans?
Kendrick: Eat our brains, kidnap our young.

Erica: I am very glad that you're on board. You are an excellent resource.
Sidney: (whining) Soldiers are studly, scientists are resources.

Erica: Hey, nice look, Ty.
Tyler: Yeah, I cut myself shaving.
Erica: Well, you gotta stop using that bowie knife.

Laid Bare [2.03][edit]

Erica: Feels good, doesn't it?
Ryan: We only saved one.
Erica: To that mother, one is everything. This is what we're fighting for, to keep our children safe. We have to savor these wins.
Ryan: I wish I could.
Erica: Ryan... We're gonna get your daughter back.
Ryan: I know.
Erica: Good, 'cause if we lose hope, we lose this fight.

Unholy Alliance [2.04][edit]

Anna: This image... is quite disturbing. What does it represent?
Father Piers Moreau: The Underworld. Hell, where the unrepentant are sent beyond their death. Satan, a fallen angel, is surrounded by the souls of the damned.
Anna: I find it curious that you believe the soul can survive the death of the body.
Father Piers Moreau: That is the cornerstone of our fate - that the soul is immortal, meant for everlasting life. The human soul... interests you?
Anna: Yes. Indeed. Very much. For example, do you believe the body exists can exist without the soul?
Father Piers Moreau: It is the soul that makes us human. Without it, well, we would be nothing more than animals.

Anna: You've been infected by human emotion. Is that why you didn't identify yourself to me at the Vatican?
Father Piers Moreau: I was given explicit orders to report only to *my* queen.
Anna: I *am* your queen. All this time you've been studying human emotions and the soul. I demand that you tell me everything you've discovered.
Father Piers Moreau: I would only tell Diana what I've learned.
Anna: You wanna see your queen? She's in hell... like other souls of the damned.

Concordia [2.05][edit]

Eli: Who the hell tipped Anna off?
Kyle: There were only two people who had the information and the means to alert Anna. Oh, correction. One person, and one reptile. And I damn well know it wasn't Erica.

Erica: As much as I would love to take Anna out, I can't agree to this.
Kyle: Erica, we can end this war in one swift blow. This is our shot.
Father Jack Landry: Yeah, and how many innocents go with her?
Erica: Don't do this, Ryan. Don't put me in a position tonight where I have to make a choice. Because if I have to... I will take you down

Chris: Hey, uh, isn't that your ex?
Erica: Yeah. A problem with Tyler. I had to bring in the heavy artillery.

Siege [2.06][edit]

Birth Pangs [2.07][edit]

(Kyle enters the basement and sees the crucifix placed on the table)

Kyle: I thought you were done with the priest routine.
Jack: Well, it doesn't work like that. Wherever I walk, He walks.
Kyle: Try to keep Him contained to your corner, all right?
Jack: Why, you afraid of what He's gonna find in yours?

Hobbes: I'm surprised you didn't bring a hatbox.
Jack: Don't worry I won't crowd your closet space. I'll leave plenty of room for all your cool black T-shirts.

Lisa: Tyler! You can't keep running away from me.
Tyler: What are you talking about?
Lisa: I know you're holding in your emotions. Your father just died. It's okay to be sad, to feel.
Tyler: You don't get it, Lisa. I don't want to feel anything anymore. I just want to be a shuttle pilot and forget about my past

Ryan: I have to get my baby away from Anna. I need help. You know, of all the people, I thought you would be the one that understands. Everybody needs a second chance.
Jack: I'm not a priest anymore, Ryan. It's not my job to absolve you.

Erica: If we are going to defeat the V's, we need to change tactics. Eli died at the hands of the Visitors because his plan didn't work. We are going to bring this war to Anna. I have contacts on her ship, access that you don't have that you will never have.

Uneasy Lies the Head [2.08][edit]

Devil in a Blue Dress [2.09][edit]

Lisa: Why did you do that, Joshua? Why didn't you let him catch me?
Joshua: Because I remembered.
Lisa: Remember what?
Joshua: Who I am. That I'm Fifth Column... like you.

Lisa: I saw my mother bliss Tyler.
Diana: If Anna can bliss humans, they stand no chance against her. Your human friends - you said that you can trust them. Are you sure?
Lisa: Yes.
Diana: Good. Because, we're going to need their help too. You must act now.
Lisa: What are we going to do?
Diana: We must end your mother's reign, once and for all.

Lisa: This is my grandmother Diana.
Diana: I was queen before Anna overthrew me.
Erica: Diana's gonna help make sure that history repeats itself. We're gonna overthrow Anna.

Mother's Day [2.10][edit]

Hobbes: What, another nightmare about the Visitors?
Erice: Yeah. And what the future will look like when Anna is gone.
Hobbes: Well, let's take the bitch down and find out.

Diana: Daughter...
Anna: You taught me everything you know, and you never learned half of what *I* know.
Diana: You've just... doomed us all.
Anna: [to Lisa] Now *that's* how you kill your mother.

Anna: You've certainly looked better, dear. Welcome to your new home. Thankfully, your Grandmother won't be needing it any more.
Lisa: Why don't you just kill me?
Anna: I wasn't lying when I said all human emotion is bad. This one's called vengeance. I wanna see you suffer. Enjoy the show.

Marcus: Attempting to bliss Humanity will surely kill you.
Anna: Then I will die, but not before I fulfill my promise to my subjects and show them that Humanity cannot... nor *will* not... ever defeat us.


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