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Sri Vadiraja Tirtharu (c.1480 – c.1600[1]) was a Dvaita philosopher, poet, traveler and mystic. A polymath of his time, he authored many works, often polemical, on Madhva theology and metaphysics. Additionally, he composed numerous poems and as the pontiff of Sodhe Mutt, renovated the temple complex at Udupi and established the Paryaya system of worship. He is also credited with enriching the Kannada literature of the time by translating Madhvacharya's works to Kannada, giving impetus and contributing to the Haridasa movement. His works are characterised by their poetic flourishes, incisive wit and humour.


  • Vadirajatirtha, of the Uttaradi Madhva Matha, visited Kolhapur in the latter half of the sixteenth century. In his Teertha Prabandha, he wrote,
    What is so surprising with the fact that goddess ramaa (mahalakshmi) is residing in kolhapura kshetra, a place which is full of numerous lakes each of which have numerous lotuses?.... May goddess mahalakshmi ... be the reason for me having abundant prosperity!
    • in Jain, M. (2019). Flight of deities and rebirth of temples: Espisodes from Indian history. 204 quoting (Teertha Prabandha 2017).

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