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Bulgakov in 1910

Valentin Fyodorovich Bulgakov (25 November 1886 – 22 September 1966) was the last secretary of Leo Tolstoy and his biographer.


  • The former [Chertkov] aims at the moral destruction of Tolstoy's wife in order to get control of his manuscripts. The latter [Alexandra] is either in conspiracy with him or, with typical female antagonism towards the mother, devotes herself to the struggle as to a kind of sport.
    • The Last Year of Leo Tolstoy, trans. Ann Dunnigan (New York: Dial Press, 1971), p. 179.

Quotes about Bulgakov[edit]

  • To replace Gusev, Chertkov sent Father a new secretary toward the end of January. This was a student by the name of V. F. Bulgakov, a jolly, buoyant youth, a bit in love with himself.
    • Alexandra Tolstaya, Tolstoy: A Life of My Father, trans. Elizabeth R. Hapgood (London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1953), p. 483.

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