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Valerie Hobson (14 April 191713 November 1998) was an actress during the 1930s to 1950s. She was the wife of the British politician, and later charity worker, John Profumo who gave his name to the Profumo affair.


  • The whole of time would not be long enough to tell you of my joy in being married to you. Joy is not measured just by lovely things: the birth of babies, the song of birds heard together, the fun of holidays — the lyrical-love of lying with you. Joy is to be found, too, in the relief after pain shared, in the good news following bad, in the knowledge of greater closeness after disaster.
    • In her 10th Wedding Anniversary letter to her husband John Profumo, written in 1964, the year after the scandal in which his lying to the House of Commons and adultery was revealed.
  • Never once since I met you have I been bored; never once have I not wanted you. And never once, even for a moment, have I not loved you with all my heart.
    • Letter to her husband (1969)
  • Love like that, any woman! If you get the chance, even if it may be a passing thing; even if the void seems all-encompassing when it comes, even if the heart bleeds almost to death, passionate love is worth it, it is worth it, it is worth all of it.
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