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Vampire in Brooklyn is a dark comedy about the last vampire trying to find a mate in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy.


  • (Opening Voiceover): A long, long time ago, Nosferatu, the undead, the race of the Vampire were driven from Egypt. Most fled to the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania, but others of better taste, including myself, travelled south through Africa and over the Atlantic, to a beautiful island hidden deep in the Bermuda Triangle. There we lived for happy centuries, feasting on the blood of unwary travellers. Until discovered by the hunters once again. Then the blood that spilled was our own. I, alone, escaped. But a Vampire-alone is a Vampire doomed. My chance was to find the one known offspring of our tribe that had been born in a foreign land. A woman, somewhere in this place, called Brooklyn...
  • Interesting. I've been stabbed, and I've been hanged, and I've been burned. Even broken on the rack once, but I've never been shot before. It kind of itches a little.
  • (As Preacher Pauley): Evil is good, and ass is good, and if you find you a piece of evil ass, WOO!
  • (after being staked in gut): Let me give you an anatomy lesson. This [points] is my stomach. This [points] is my heart. Stomach. Heart. Stomach. Heart.

Julius Jones[edit]

  • Ohh, betting on the the Knicks... when will you learn?
  • (cornered by Maximillian): Hey, yo, man I don't know how you know me, but, uh, everything is everything. I ain't seen nothin', okay? So you can go ahead and just jump right back through the window, man. I won't tell anybody I saw you, 'cause I ain't really seen you! You know I'm blind! I got, like cataracts, I mean, um, contacts. I got astigmatism, man. I can't see; I'm blind. Where you at? Where you at? See, look. Where you at? Huh? Where you at?
  • Welcome to the party, Unc. Now let's get this show on the road...There's a new Vampire in Brooklyn, and his name is Julius Jones!

Det. Rita Veder[edit]

  • Look here. I'm a cop...Mmm-hmm, the law. Which means, if you try anything funny, I'll shoot you.

Det. Justice[edit]

  • (About Rita): Look, she's a good cop. She just needs some time.

Silas Green[edit]

  • Sheets, baby, sheets!
  • Call me, baby, call Silas.
  • Who's driving this vessel? Stevie fucking Wonder?
  • God loves you. God loves me.
  • Look, I ain't no ghoul!

Dr. Zeko[edit]

  • Keep your faith, Detective. If I know one thing, its this, you'll need it!


Det. Justice: So you say you saw... what?
Silas Green: It was a wolf godammit! A big, black, stinking-ass wolf. The motherfucker jumped off the boat and ran over there. And when it got there the son of a bitch turned into a man. He did the flippflopp shit on me... Just like whore I used to know in Detroit back in 62. I'd go over her house on saturday night... she loved me, man. Bitch made me chicken and some pretzels! I'd come through the door, she's a man! Flippfloppin' and shit. You ever seen a motherfucker flippflopp on you and shit like that? In your face trying to flippflopp and shit!
Det. Justice: So the wolf you saw looked something like that?
Silas Green: The wolf? Hell no! That's a chihuahua compared to the motherfucker come at me! Ya ever seen a wolf, man?
Det. Justice: Yes?
Silas Green: To the 25th power!

Policeman with Dog: You people are ought to stay back! Killer here loves to bite!
Maximillian: So do I!

Julius Jones: Hey, man, my pops always said the quickest way to a woman's heart - the church.
Maximillian: It's actually through the ribcage, but that's a bit messy.

Maximillian: Do you like Italian? I make an excellent fusilli.
Rita: Actually, that's my favorite, but I really think I ought to take a rain check.
Maximillian: Oh, there's someone else.
Rita: Not anymore.
Maximillian: Well, if there's no one else, then I would love to have you... for dinner.
Rita: Look here. I'm a cop.
Maximillian: Ah. The police?
Rita: Mmm-hmm, the law. Which means, if you try anything funny, I'll shoot you.
Maximillian: [feigning innocence] Do I look like I would bite you?
Rita: [chuckles] You better not, not after the day I've had.
Maximillian: Can I send my car to pick you up in a half-hour?
Rita: impressed Oooh, a car. Let's make it an hour.
Maximillian: I'll see you then.

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