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Vampires is a 1998 film about a team of vampire hunters that seek to prevent an ancient relic from being acquired by a group of vampires.

Directed by John Carpenter. Written by Don Jakoby.
The blood confrontation of the ages is about to begin.  (taglines)


Jack Crow: Padre... I'm beginning to like you... so don't make me hurt you, OK? Just tell me what you know... I'll buy you a beer and get you laid. Come on. If you don't tell me, I'm gonna have to start cutting on ya.
Father Adam Guiteau: No, you won't. You're a righteous man, Mr. Crow. Besides I serve a higher master than you. Any secrets I keep are to protect the church and its followers.


  • The blood confrontation of the ages is about to begin.
  • Prepare for the Dawn.
  • From the master of terror comes a new breed of evil.



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