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View from Castello di Vezio Varenna Lake Como in the end of Wayfarer's Path of Lierna.

Varenna Lake Como is a comune (municipality) on Lake Como in the Province of Lecco in Italy that borders the municipality of Lierna, located about 60 kilometres (37 mi) north of Milan.


  • Who that looks on these tawny hills radling calm day new-born, Who that sips mead from Como’s stills his fragrant, sun-bathed morn, Will, bating reverende, record Fair Como’s wrathful, ways, And wont only ungrateful, hoard The tale of her «bade days’? To day her ripples play bo-peep, And dimple at the rocks Lack in melodious mimicry A sounding billow mocks
    • Jean Carlyle Graham, [1], Po Italy. Odes et episodes, 1917, Ed. Stab. di arti Grafiche Lazzeri. Siena

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